Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Tenley Girl!

This post is a bit late, as Mimi was in town visiting and we were having so much fun that I didn’t take the time to sit down and blog! Our sweet Tenley turned two on Friday, April 20th. I cannot believe how much things have changed, especially her, in the last year! This time last year, she wasn’t really talking much at all, was not walking yet (just her lieutenant Dan scoot), smiled and giggled at the world, and had these huge chubby cheeks. And what a little personality she has now! We thank God everyday for giving us this sweet, even tempered child that just radiates joy from deep inside of her. She has this soft, mellow voice that is difficult for her to raise very loudly and knows just about no strangers. Her hair is now in blonde ringlets and between her hair and her bright blue eyes, we get stopped by strangers who just want to talk to this smiley girl. She has this wicked sense of humor already and is getting a huge ornery streak that likes to push her sister’s buttons, just to get a response. Yet she adores Hannah Gray and has such a teachable spirit. Just about every correction is met with a “sawry momma” (sorry momma) until she believes me that I am not frustrated, upset, etc. And the girl loves to sing and can actually carry a tune, getting that NOT from the Kuhnell side of the family! Smile  Tenley has become quite our little character, getting so much joy from Daddy, Hannah Gray and I laughing at her antics. What a fun little girl she is and we are so thankful!
My mom was in town to celebrate with us and we had a great time doing it! We had a special breakfast together as a family complete with one of Tenley’s favorites, cinnamon rolls (dairy free, gluten free) and eggs. Then we packed lunches and headed to the Sacramento Children’s Museum for the first time. The girls had a blast and I am sure we will be back at some point again. They painted on windows, planted wildflowers, swam, I mean splashed, in water tables and played at the “grocery store”. We had a picnic lunch, headed home for naps and then grilled out for dinner and had a little birthday celebration.
Checking out the decorations outside her door and hanging in our kitchen/dining room area.

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