Sunday, February 19, 2012

T’s favorite new spot

Tenley can be a pretty clingy kid and has just been in a super big “I have to be with mommy at all times” phase, acting like she wishes they never would have cut the cord… just absolutely has to be held which makes dinner time very difficult. We have been working on it, by me telling her that I am not going to hold her and she HAS to go play. She is beginning to pick it up and has discovered her new favorite spot to be close to me.

So this is our comprise…


And this was the start of it. First were the Little People farm animals, then one night-night, then her quilt, then her pillow, and Tuk-doggie she sleeps with and about 3 books… Her stash literally grew to cover that entire kitchen rug, blocking that path between the kitchen island and the sink. But she played. Happily. Done, I will agree to that! Smile

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