Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Girls’ morning out

A couple weeks ago, I joined two of my friends from Bible study to go on a morning hike. We left my house at 6 and arrived in the mountains shortly after 7. We hiked up to Bridal falls (they look like a veil with how heavily they flow over the top) and then up to the lake that feeds the falls. It was GORGEOUS or “definitely not ugly” as we kept saying. :)


View of the North Cascades



Bridal Falls


The mist coming out off of the waterfall


Kendall and Norah

IMG_1017 IMG_1021

and i was there too, I promise. This was the bridge where we stopped to eat our lunches!!! And our view from sitting on that bridge was….IMG_1022

this snow covered mountain lake that was a perfect reflection of the mountains. Beautiful!!

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