Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hannah Gray’s 3rd Birthday!

3 years?! Yikes! My baby girl is turning into a big kid! She’s beginning to lose that sense of little, toddler like still, into a fully, clearly (most of the time), communicative, opinionated, full of life, little kiddo!

Some reflections on our sweet Hannah Gray…

-She has become more shy recently until she really warms up, feels like you are interested in her and know her. But once she reaches these places with you, you are her best friend and she will remember every detail of your life that you share with her. She will ask about you regularly and include you in her prayers and won’t forget you.

-For being shy, she’s got this crazy adventuresome spirit. There are times where she isn’t afraid to conquer the big kid climbing wall at the park, but the next day could be hesitant to do the little kid slide. You just never know.

-She’s super sincere and sweet spirited. She will regularly thank you on her own, with no outside initiation for something that she received that’s she’s genuinely appreciative for. “Tank you Momma fo makin’ my yunch…”.

-Boy, she is strong willed. We pray that this is something that comes under the strength and power of self control to be a huge blessing in her life.

-She is funny! She’s developing her own little sense of humor and jokes with us.

-She catches us off guard by the things she retains from previous conversations or things she has overheard. She is extremely perceptive, sensitive and compassionate.

We are crazy about this little girl and pray for huge blessings in her life!


When she woke up, she opened her door to see a huge bday banner hanging across her door. She had this magical look in her eye and couldn’t believe that was for her (“fo me? fo my birfday?!”). I told her there was a present waiting for her downstairs at her seat, and she stripped and ran downstairs to open her bday outfit.


SO excited to open her PURPLE CROCS!!


feelin’ so pretty


sweet sister


…practicing her “three”


nailing her three! (I asked her if she knew that she was three now and she got super excited and yelled, “yay!!” then looked at Nana and said, “I don’t know what I did to turn 3!”

IMG_0102 IMG_0104

At the zoo to celebrate her day. Tenley standing on her own at the penguin exhibit. I think she takes after her sister in this one being her favorite.IMG_0131


A loving sister


now a concerned and protective sister


happy girl


chocolate pudding (it’s actually yummy avocado) snack. Hey Bubba!


Daddy got home after bathtime, so we went to the presents…


excited cheese. “I SO cited!!”


YAY, a new Hannah Doggie!! (her original has had stitches in the chin and is just so well loved. Time to retire her to my keepsake box… :) )


IMG_0176 IMG_0186 Making a cake and listening to Nana read.

What a fun day!

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