Monday, February 21, 2011


We were finally able to get out and enjoy the mountains yesterday! Ethan hit the motherload at the REI scratch and dent sale and we were able to finally use our Christmas money to get our snowshoes and even the ski attachment for our Chariot stroller! It has two skis that go on in place of the wheels and then there are long poles that attach to a waist belt that Ethan wore. So yes, he basically pulled 100 lbs (between both girls, some of their stuff and the stroller itself) uphill behind him in snowshoes! What a guy! We took some beautiful pictures as it was a perfectly clear, blue sky sunny day where you could see ALL the mountains around us. Then we discovered that there was no memory card in the camera! GRrr!!!! But we did get a little bit of video which was fun. Tuk had a blast out on the trail as well. He's the perfect trail dog! He would go run up head of us and wait or keep going until we called him back. Then he would prance and pounce all the way back to us swinging his tail so hard his rear was following it and look up at us with his ears slicked back just wanting to know that he pleased us. Such a good boy!
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Heather said...

Just watched these with Finlay. At the end of the video he says "AGAIN! AGAIN!"......and so I'm about to go watch it for the 100th time :) Looks like so much FUN!