Monday, November 2, 2009

Playing with Tanner

So one day Hannah Gray walked up to me carrying one of Tanner's toys with it held over her should like she was trying to throw it. But she then handed it to me asking me to throw it for Tanner. So I did and called Tanner to bring it back to us. I heard her giggling hysterically and I looked over and she was slightly bent forward slapping her thighs with the biggest wide open grin as she was calling Tanner back. It was hilarious. Now it's her new favorite game and we play a lot everyday. But now she grabs a toy, brings it to me, I throw it and then while he's chasing it and then chewing on it, she goes and gathers all his other toys and brings them to me. She would play this game all day and I don't think Tanner would mind one bit. Here is a video of her in action... This I think has to be one of my favorite Hannah Gray-isms yet...

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