Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss opinionated

Well, Hannah Gray is definitely developing her own sense of who she is and what she wants! This week, she's really taken to picking out clothes from her closet, mostly gravitating towards her jackets (just like her mom, I love jackets!!). This week it was so rainy and pretty chilly, that she had to wear her rain coat, but not without her fleece or hoody underneath it first. Then today, it was about 80, and when she woke up from her nap, she was desperately reaching for her hoody and wore it around the rest of the day (even after Daddy gave her her bath and had her pjs on, she wanted to wear the hoody too). So today and yesterday, she picked out her outfit, and actually she looked pretty sinkin' cute yesterday! Here are some pictures. (notice what she's playing with as well and what she's holding in the grocery bag... :) that's my girl!!).

Yesterday, we took her to a local little festival thingy where they had a petting zoo and pony rides. We waited in line for the rides for quite a while and I was convinced that as soon as she got close enough to the horse for me to put her on, she'd realize what was going on and start shaking her head no, so adamantly like she does. But she didn't, so LOVED it!!! And she LOVED the petting zoo too! She kept asking to go back to the alpaca, which was so soft, but had the MOST wicked under bite and nasty teeth than I have ever seen in my life (that includes traveling to Europe). The problem was that Hannah Gray wanted to pet it's neck (which is super long, like a Llama), and the alpaca wanted its face in mine, hence this wretched picture. But Hannah Gray got to pet it and that's what matters. :)

Oh, and on our way out the door yesterday, Ethan grabbed our grocery bags so we could run some errands while we were gone. He put Hannah Gray in one of the bags and she thought it was hilarious! She looked so funny and cute, so I had to include a couple pictures of that as well.

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