Friday, February 20, 2009


It's been a long time since we posted last! Oops! This week has been more than an eventful one... it started off with Hannah Gray getting sick on Valentine's Day. She woke up with a 103. 5+ fever that stayed there all day and through Sunday. By Monday it finally dropped a bit, but then she started with a horrible cough. Poor kiddo, every time she'd sneeze, she had a Bumble Yum type of bubble out of at least one nostril. Thankfully, she was able to sleep fairly well, at least all things considered.

Mimi came for a visit on Monday, and thank goodness she was here this week!!! It as so nice to have some extra hands to help with Hannah Gray and to just give me a bit of a break too! And on Tuesday, we came back from running some errands to find about 2 inches of water in our basement. There was water just spewing out of a tank and I couldn't seem to stop it. Finally, we got it to stop and Ethan came home from work a little early to begin the clean up process. We have about 6-7 fans and a couple of HUGE dehumidifiers down in the basement now. The water ran from the unfinished part under the carpet (in the padding), under baseboards into the finished part of the basement. So all the carpet had to be ripped up and taken out.
We had to have a windshield repaired this week as well as a few other minor emergencies. It's been crazy!! But in the midst of it all, we took Hannah Gray's 8 month old pictures.

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