Wednesday, December 17, 2008

too cute!

Hannah Gray has been practicing sitting up on her own. She's getting pretty good at it, but she still needs a little bit of help. I had a little too much confidence the other day and moved from her side. Then I heard a "thump" as she fell backwards onto the carpet. That was the first time she has cried from feeling hurt other than like a gas pain. Oops! So sorry little one...

I think it's just too stinkin' cute when she rubs her eyes when she gets sleepy. You may have noticed the ink on her hands too- no, she wasn't arrested. We did her 6 month hand and footprints the other night. We discovered the hands are much too difficult to do at this point. We'll just stick with the feet. And she continues to love her bath times, especially now that she can sit up. She loves to splash and kick like crazy. I will have to get that one on video too.

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hawleykj said...

don't worry joni... you'll cause many more tears. it happens to the best parents. i can't believe she's sitting up! so exciting! she'll have to show off her new skill when you guys come back for christmas.