Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9 Months and counting!

On Sunday, I had a great time of celebrating and catching up with some girlfriends from Miami. Here are some pictures of our time together and some pictures of my nine month belly... :)

So we thought we were starting into labor on Saturday evening after our childbirth class, a Mexican dinner and a 6 mile long walk. As I was keeping track of contractions and getting comfy, Ethan ran around and got everything completely ready to go. We went to bed expecting to sleep until it got more intense and no such luck! We woke up Sunday morning like we do every other morning.

This evening we head to Columbus with the lacrosse team for our district championship game so we've looked up hospitals in the Columbus area just in case. We're praying that lil' Petro decides to meet all of us within the next week! I guess that's up to him or her though, but at this point if he or she could wait until at least late tonight when we get back, that would be great!

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